Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eating Out - Paleo Lunch for $10

One of my favourite things about New York City is the accessibility of food - some of it very healthy and affordable if you're willing to seek it out. 

I often make my own salad from the Whole Foods' Salad bar, or even a standard deli if I'm in a pinch.

Usual suspects in this salad are nutrient and energy dense foods that don't weigh a lot (salad bars are charged per pound) - a base of mixed greens, some red onions, shredded carrot or beets, avocado, olives, a sprinkling of nuts or seeds, generous lugs of olive oil and a dash of balsamic and lemon juice. 

Because protein options at most salad bars are on the cheap/crappy end of the quality spectrum I will often grab some canned seafood to throw in - such as tuna, sardines or in this case smoked kipper. With over 2g of omega-3 and 19g of protein it's incredible bang for your buck. 

Now this may look like a light salad but given the oily fish, avocado, olives and my heavy-handed olive oil pour I could be getting upwards of 50g of quality fats in this salad, which will keep me satiated until my next meal. 

If you can't or won't "do" canned fish then a couple of boiled eggs or some chicken will sub in nicely and not break the bank.


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